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Frequently changing local, long-distance and data technologies make evaluating billing structures and services a difficult task for any business, especially those who can not dedicate a full-time employee to monitoring these issues. In addition, there are no standards for billing rates, rate platforms or discounts which are available to telecom users.

The Audicon staff is a team of experts who deal with these exact issues - it’s our specialty. Our consultants can show you the most cost-efficient way to utilize telecommunications and data products and will locate and refund any money you may be due.

When businesses first contact Audicon, 4 out of 5 are paying too much for their telecommunications services. With our Telecom & Data Service Audit, Audicon will analyze your company’s costs, show you where you were incorrectly billed, and recommend ways to optimize your local phone service, long-distance phone service, 1-800 number traffic, data networks and Internet services. We would be glad to provide your company with a free preliminary audit of your bills and show you just the start of how Audicon can save you money. Please visit our contact page for more information.

At Audicon, our benefits are proven. We are ready to act as your one-stop telecom shop to provide suggestions for improvements, help with services and equipment upgrades, and will interface with providers on your behalf. Our services ensure your telecommunications and data products are the most effective and cost-efficient for your business.

On average, we save our clients 25%. Here’s a few examples of companies in a number of industries which Audicon has helped:
• A 56% savings of over $235,000 in long distance charges for a national day care center company.

• A 28% savings of $189,000 after an audit of all telecom expenses for a hospital in New Haven, CT.

• A 55% annual savings of $39,100 after an audit of all telecom expenses for a Pharmaceutical company in West Boyleston, MA.

• A 32% annual savings of over $34,000 in long distance charges for a major retail corporation located along the east coast.

• A 48% savings of $25,000 for an archive company located in Watertown, CT.

• A 31% savings of $20,000 for an ambulance company located in Meriden, CT.

• A 27% refund of over $17,000 from a New York telephone to a central alarm company.

• A 20% credit from a telephone company of over $10,000 for a hotel.

• A 16% annual savings of $8,500 in local and long distance charges for realty company located in Bethel, CT.

• A 37% savings of over $6,000 in telecom expenses from a local funeral home.

• A 22% annual savings of over $3,300 in long distance charges for a distribution company located in Berlin, CT.