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VoIP Solutions

VoIP Solutions

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We have a rich history in PBX equipment, which when combined with our knowledge of carrier services is a win-win for our clients. We provide a wide range of voice services to business customers. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized the telephony industry. We can guide you on the different types of VoIP, premise or hosted PBX, and other options. All VoIP services offer many common features such as those listed here, all better than the old days of digital PBXs:

  • Phones are portable–you can take your phone line with you, anywhere with internet access
  • Soft phone integration: talk through your PC
  • Simple moves, adds and changes that you can do yourself through an admin portal
  • Advanced settings for simultaneous rings, call-forwarding, voicemail bounce backs, and other functions
  • Functions for queuing, night attendant, company directory, on-hold audio, and more
  • Critical Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery options
  • Variable line capacity (based on bandwidth)
  • Porting of telephone numbers across different geographic areas
  • Each extension can have its own direct line
  • Availability of Outlook or Salesforce integration
  • Unify your remote offices for centralized answering

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